Discussion topics for future WordPress Melbourne meetups

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Anthony Hortin

In our October meetup, we did a brainstorming session where people suggested topics that we could talk about at future meetups.

I have compiled these into a poll, where you can all vote on your favourite topic.

If you would like to suggest a different topic, or you’d like to do your own presentation, please get in touch.

[polldaddy poll=4052116]

2 responses on “Discussion topics for future WordPress Melbourne meetups

  1. Alex Avery - Inbound Marketing Consultant

    Hey folks,

    Looks like I just missed you guys at the last meetup. Have been flicking through the tweets. Have you guys thought of using: http://www.meetup.com? I was just on there and there are 30+ interested peeps in Melbourne and no meetups listed.

    I’m also interested in a – perhaps – less formal catchup. Something like #socialmelb would be good. Coffees early in the morning suit me better than beers at night. Just saying.

    peace. alex

    1. James

      Hi Alex,

      We have considered meetup.com, but we decided a WordPress powered site would give us much more flexibility.

      Thanks for the suggestion of an informal catch up. We will see if we can arrange one at some point.

      Coincidently, we are actually already thinking about having a social gathering (probably a BBQ) for the December meetup instead. We’ll be sure to let everyone know if we are able to arrange it.


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